Friday, July 10, 2009

crazy dream.

Okay so for the past two nights I have had a dream where we were pregnant! That is so exciting! The scary thing is we went to the doctors and found out both times that there were 3 babies! OMG. Could you imagine? I know that the odds of multiples are little to none but it really got me thinking!!! We have faith that God will bless us with a baby but today I thought... what would I do if God blessed us with twins? or triplets? I know that whatever happens Leon and I will get through it together. The risks are much higher but our family would be complete. I am just rambling but its exciting. I got my Clomid this week. Its exciting to know that this month we could get pregnant! I know the chances of getting knocked up the first time are slim... but its possible. I have read so many success stories that it gives me hope. Leon says I am to hopeful that I need to be ready for disappointment. Not that he doesn't believe it will work he just doesn't want me to set all of my hopes on the first time. Anyways, here's to hoping that July will be the month. -CL

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