Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Lots of changes happened around here so let's get to it.

L & L turned TWO!
Can you believe it? My little babies, my best friends, my hearts, have graced me (and everyone!) with their presence for two years. I have been the luckiest girl in the world to be their mama. I thank God every day for choosing me to be their mama.

L & L are binky free!
I was bound and determined to get them off their binks by the time they turned two. So of course I waited til the week before their birthday. It was a rough week but we got through it and now they are binky free!

We moved!
This whole year I was bound and determined that we would move out of our little two bedroom home. We needed space! Um, hello? Two toddlers. No bath tub. No yard. It was only a matter of time before I really lost my mind! Well, timing was finally right and a house basically fell into our lap. It's not huge by any means but it has all the things we wanted. A yard. A bathtub. 3 bedrooms. More space. Since we moved in almost a month ago, I know L & L are so much happier. This was the right decision for sure.

So much stuff has been going on since I've taken a blogging hiatus and so much stuff that I wanna talk about but for now I will just post this. I don't even remember all the stuff I knew I wanted to blog about.

On a last note, I wanna say a prayer for my Aunt.

Lord please provide peace & comfort for my Linnie. Her fight is still going strong but I'm not sure how much fight she has left. Please take away her pain. Please give her sons and granddaughtes peace as they face what might be her final days. Please look after our whole family. In Jesus name.

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Nancy said...

girl I love u so much and I'm thankful to have a BFF like you. your an amazing mother and I love the boys. I'm happy you found a home and was able to move. my prayers are with your family during this time. you know I'm always here for you. love you. see you tomorrow.