Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I feel it coming..

I feel it.

It's coming.


I've gone through phases my whole life pretty much when I become obsessed with something. Not like a stalker or anything. But with things. Like?

When I was 8, it was the Power Rangers. I couldn't get enough of them. (Yes, I just admitted that)

When I was 10, it was the Mighty Ducks & 3 Ninjas. (Oh, it gets much.much.worse.)

When I was 13, it was the Backstreet Boys. Boy bands in general I guess you could say. Bop Magazines, Tiger Beat, etc. My walls were covered in posters.

When I was 14ish my brother got me addicted to wrestling. So in turn? I obsessed for my favorite wrestlers. Like, Jeff Hardy. My God. Boy was handsome.

As I grow up I go through my phases you get the point??

Well, in 2008 I became obsessed with a little thing called "Twilight"

That obsession has never left me. I still read the books, I still watch the movies. I love it.

But yesterday? I started reading "The Hunger Games".. and I feel it coming. I feel the obsession rearing it's dity little head. If not, I wouldn't have stayed up til midnight last night finishing the damned book.

I hear theres a movie coming out for it which will in turn make me more obsessed.

Husband already knows its coming. He asked me this morning where I was going after the gym because I think he knew I was gonna go fetch the second book. And I was. Except they didn't have it.

I'm wigging out. I need to read it. Like now.

But, I'll wait and go try another store tomorrow. Maybe this obsession won't be as bad.

Doubt it though.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! at least u can!

amy (metz) walker said...

What did you end up thinking of the books. I thought they petered out as they went along whereas with Twilight, I couldn't even seem to stop to shower. HA! I HAD to know what happened with those but I ended up skimming in book 3 of HG!