Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love to blog. Obviously. Or I wouldn't do it. I honestly don't know how many people read come here and look. Maybe to see pics or maybe to read. I started to realize that maybe I wasn't writing in here for other people but for me. Sometimes it's a way for me to come and write things down so I don't forget! I don't want to forget anything. I really wish I would come here more.

I mean I do come here every day to read others blogs. Most of them I don't know personally. I feel like I do though! Sad right? Leon saw me reading a blog the other day and thought I was silly for reading about someones life I didn't know.

To me though? I like it. I like to read about other people and their journey's. And their babies. Sometimes it makes me feel that I (as a mommy & wife) am not alone. Not that I ever thought I was. There are other people out there like me.


I write because I want to. Not because I expect a ton of people to follow me (not that I would mind!) or because I NEED people to read my story. I just want to. For me.

That is all.


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