Monday, April 25, 2011

Babies First Easter

The babies first Easter was awesome! I love when they have their "firsts" and this was no exception. Here is a picture of their baskets.
Inside I put some Gerber Puffs, sandals, socks, 2 sippys each, a Mickey bowl, Yo Gabba Gabba DVD & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. Oh & a stuffed bunny rabit. They were more interested in the snacks more then anything. My parents got them their Easter outfits & and riding fire truck toy. Aunt Debbie (they call her Mee-Moo) got them each a basket with toys & books, Denise got them a water table toy for the summer, and my mother in law gave them $$$ for their bank accounts. They made out for their first Easter. We went to Aunt Debs house and the adults had an egg hunt. We get eggs full of candy & lottery scratch offs! We always seem to miss one though. LOL. How was your Easter?

Here's a pic from Easter.

The babies first birthday is fast approaching! I am already in planning mode trying to figure out which route I want to go. Big or small. Park or my aunts house. So many decisions. I can't believe they are already going to be a year.

Well, I didn't have a lot of time tonight to update so it's a short one. I will leave you with this cute picture of Logan from Meijer. I put these cute bunny ears on him & he didn't like it. :-)


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