Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello! No, it wasn't a pregnancy test that was postive... but finally an ovulation test! After so many negative tests I actually didn't know what a positive one would look like! I literally woke Leon up and said, 'is that postive?' it was quite funny actually. Two days in a row I got a positive result! So now I just have to wait until I can take a pregnancy test to see if the first round of Clomid was a success! If not, we will try again. At least we know that it worked! Leon and I have a little joke with eachother.. when we wake up in the morning he asks, 'is it baby making day'? lol. I think he likes the idea of being on a schedule.. who knows. We do know that we will be able to take a test in about 2 weeks... though we are going to wait until the 30th for our one year anniversary! I'm gonna try anyways. :)
On another note... I am currently writing a book. Its not a true story, or a self help book or anything but a romance novel. I love writing... hence the blog...and every single time I've tried to write a book I've given up. So this time I decided to let everyone know in case I decide to give up. Who knows maybe I will become a great author who actually gets published! I do know that once I get it done, I will print copies for my family and friends to read! Well, buy... :)
I'm still on my cell internet so I can't upload the pics from my grandparents visit. And I can't find my USB cable anyway.
That's all for now I guess... ill update more later. -CL

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