Saturday, November 14, 2009

Double the Blessings!!

Yep, that's right! Friday the 13th was an amazing day for us!!!! We had an ultrasound to check and see how everything was going. While we were in there the doctor told us that we were rewarded with TWO BABIES!! Leon said he felt it all along that we were having twins, but I said no. The chances were so slim- but hey- We are so BLESSED!! The doc says everything looks perfect so far! They are in different sacs and they have two placentas! We saw their heartbeats going. He said next week when we go back we can listen. :)

I am currently 7 weeks now. He said that with one baby I would be due July 4th but since there are two, chances are they will come early. So, June babies! After we left I called my dad and Leon called his mom. They were so excited! I didn't call my mom I just wanted to show her the pic. I wish I could've caught that moment on video. It was hilarious!

I will update again in a few days.

Love, Cheryl

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Heather said...

How did your mom react? I wish you would have had video!! Congrats to you both- I'm so excited for you!! Blessings along the way to you! Love you!